Cassie Roma (Founder & Director - CR&Co)

Cassie is a California native, & after 17 years in New Zealand, a proud YanKiwi.

Passionate about creative content, social media strategy, the influencer economy, & storytelling across mediums both emerging and traditional, Cassie has literally lived & breathed the digital revolution.

Whilst she has spent the majority of her career working in & with large corporates, she is now a fully-fledged entrepreneur, working as both Founder & Director of CR&Co, a game-changing consultancy & multi-media business built around the impactful areas of brands where creativity, content, & code collide.

Cassie has been awarded & recognised globally as a thought leader in the fields of social media marketing, storytelling for brands, digital marketing, & the anthropological power of brands in the lives of consumers. She’s also an author, keynote speaker, TEDx alumni, professional coach, & mentor.